- Creation of a VR environment shaped from my own diving, 360 videography, and coral restoration work in both the Florida Keys, and Roatan, Honduras.
- The VR experience tells the story from my childhood bedroom where I created the Ocean around me through Art.
- Virtually re-living my memory as my first visit to the Ocean revealed a beach too polluted to swim.
- By using my own story of wonder & grief for our oceans, my goal with VR is to share a guided experience of the coral reef to inform and inspire others. Through empathy, care is born, for coral restoration and climate action.
- Capturing the complexities for organic reef forms through photogrammetry. (Pictured Below)

Coral Bleaching
An emotional connection to coral reefs is only step one of the project. Forming an engaged and emotionally tied audience, will not save coral reefs unless there is an outline for what the individual can do. The next step is informing people of our connection and understanding for what these ecosystems are, how they live, die, thrive, and why we should care to begin with. Thankfully, there is a lot of research on what needs to change. From habitual uses of plastics and carbons to counter climate change, and breeding resistance and diversity back into our reefs to promote future recovery. Understanding what policy is in the way, what design moves need to happen, and how to re-align the human race with the planet and our Oceans. 
Coral Reef Functions
Coral reefs have more function than just the habitat and diversity in which it holds. We rely on coral reefs for more than just their beauty. Shoreline protection from storms, a nursery for the young fish that we eventually net in the deeper oceans, an attraction for tourism, and many other functions as we see the impacts of coral reef loss has on our economy, food production, and environments.
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